MBT Shoes outlet uk

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mbt shoes uk
mbt shoes uk

Get extra nice start to the autumn in a new pair of MBT shoes for work and leisure. MBT is now available as running shoes. The completely new and unique sole construction contributes to a natural running style that promotes a gentle midfoot running. Read more about MBT Running here.

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The benefits of MBT shoes

MBT is a medical grade product that gives you the following advantages when you walk and stand:

• Improved posture

• Reduced load on the knee, back and hip

• Increased muscle activity

MBT shoes for health reasons

MBT shoes originally developed to relieve and prevent back problems. The model is the Masai barefoot, as they rarely have back problems, despite the fact that they go long distances with heavy loads.

Today, and we are often on hard surfaces in our everyday lives and at work. After a long day in flat shoes to the feet feel sore and tired while back and joints take a beating.

MBT is the original functional footwear. The unique patented sole construction with rounded heel cushion provides pressure relief and a soft heel strike. The rounded sole creates instability that activates the body’s balance system and muscles.

Try MBT shoes for your health’s sake, and have a natural balance throughout the body.

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